Covid 19

Real Estate During COVID-19

Smart Or Not???

Before the COVID-19 pandemic affected our lives, the real estate market in Mumbai was continuously booming.

However people were reluctant to invest due to rising rate of interest.

Once the COVID-19 hit our lives, business in all sectors entered a stagnant stage with real estate market taking major heat.

The prices plummeted and have reached a more than ever affordable stage.

This is a transient window of opportunity for all the potential buyers to invest into real estate as the prices are expected to peak in the next 6 months.

The pandemic has taught us that our home provides the maximum sense of security a person needs.

In today’s economy putting one’s hard earned money into gold, share market or mutual funds is risky and painstaking.

Eg. Current gold rate (24k) in Mumbai is Rs.50,000/10gms which indeed is extremely high.

Similarly, investing in share market is dicey and unpredictable.

People living in small congested apartments are now looking forward to move in bigger spacious homes and upgrade their lifestyle.

Therefore, despite all, this is the best time for that much awaited upgrade you and your family deserves. 

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